How do I enter?

Choose your class or classes (you can enter as many as you want to!)  Print off an entry form and fill it in.  Return the form – with a cheque made payable to The Coventry Festival of Speech and Drama – to our Treasurer (address on the form.)  Please note the closing date for entries is 10th October.  Two to three weeks before the Festival you will receive tickets confirming the time of your performance.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry Fees for November 2018.

Class type Entrant fee
Solo entry £6.00
Duologue entry £8.00
Groups £3 per group member (minimum £10.00)

What should I wear?

Firstly you need to feel comfortable and good about how you look, this helps you perform, but remember don’t wear something that will detract or hinder your performance.  Low heals or flat shoes are good.  Heavy trainers or high heels don’t help you move.  Long hair is fine as long as it does not keep falling in front of your face, if it does tie it back.

Do I need to bring a copy of my poem/scene to the Festival?

Yes, this is so that the adjudicator can see the form the writing is in, and also help prompting if you go blank.

Can my family watch me?

Yes, as many as you want.  Audience have to pay a small entrance fee, but you can bring the entire family if you want.

Am I too old to enter?

No-one is too old, any age is welcome to compete at the Festival.

Will I be competing against older/younger people?

There are different age groupings, so that you complete with a similar age group.  See the age groups in the rules

Will people laugh at me?

Only if you are acting a comedy!  Everyone at the Festival, whether it is the audience or the stewards, want to be entertained but also want to encourage.  If you make a mistake, no-one will laugh, they will wait for you to continue.  Many of the audience have either been on stage at some point of their lives, or are there to support their children and friends and so know what it is like.

What if I make a mistake?

In the main if you can, you should carry on as if it never happened (this is particularly true if it is a missed word or phrase, or a mis-pronunciation of a word).  This lessens the effect of the mistake.  If you make a large mistake, you can ask to start again, if it does not take too long.  Remember, don’t rush/speak too fast, you need to let the audience catch up with what you are saying/acting.

What if my piece is too long?

When you decide on what to act/speak, make a note of the time limit and then time yourself on it.  Remember to speak/act slow when timing yourself, as this will give a better indication of how much time you will take performing it on stage.  If what you have chosen is too long, you can either choose another piece or edit it.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Obviously the school is a public building with its own insurance policies.  However, through our affiliation with The British and International Federation of Festivals, we have public liability insurance with Amlin U.K.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on covfsd@hotmail.co.uk