Updated Age Groupings

In response to feedback from competitors and audience, we have changed our
There is now an extra age band available. This will mean that younger competitors will be competing with those nearer in age, and the age ranges fit in with the Key Stages at school.
Age Group or Date of Birth should be clearly stated on the Entry Form and the Committee reserves the right to ask for proof of age and identity. Entrants in the Competitive Duologue Classes & Groups are marked in the age group applying to the oldest competitor. Group Classes may be judged in broader age bands.
Age Limits – as at 1st September in the year of the Festival.

  • A Adults (Over 16)
  • B 14 or 15 years old
  • C 12 or 13 years old
  • D 10 or 11 years old
  • E 8 or 9 years old –
  • F 7 years & under on 1st September in Festival year.


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