2018 Festival went well!

A huge thank you to everybody who made the 2018 Festival of Speech and Drama such a success. We rely on our fabulous stewards – who volunteer their time without any payment.  Thank you also to our adjudicator, Ann Newson who now thinks that Coventry has better Choral Speakers than Hong Kong!

We have had some thank you emails and were particularly pleased to be appreciated by one parent who said:

“Its the warmth … which touched us most. I must say they were all very friendly and personal. That makes a huge difference to parents battling the day with the child .The lady selling tickets, the girl helping her, the lady and gentleman serving tea in the cafe, always with a smile….Strangers even bothered to just come over for a chat….The festival was so well sign posted, the rehearsal rooms were such a boon.”
Thank you to everybody who voiced their appreciation.